Peace of Mind Program

The “Peace of Mind” Program benefits seniors who are able to live independently or families of older adults who want support, education, coaching, or guidance related to specific topics like dementia, nutrition, emergency preparedness, discharge planning, and other topics that face the aging adult. This program imparts the skills and confidence needed to enhance optimal aging and peace of mind.

Placement Coaching Program

The Placement Coaching Program involves coaching older adults and/or their families to evaluate and understand which long-term care residence offers the most benefit for their short and long-term care needs. Our professional Care Coordinator helps you find a solution that matches your loved one’s specific medical conditions, spiritual needs, strengths, interests, and financial resources. This program allows our Care Coordinators to work independently or in conjunction with those who offer free placement services to seniors. By working together, the result is a comprehensive and complimentary approach to finding the best alternate living residences available to seniors.

Care Management Program

This level of care is provided by a skilled Care Manager, with oversight by a Registered Nurse, who provides a comprehensive, ongoing approach to senior care through assessing, planning, and the implementation of a care plan that promotes optimal aging, quality of life, and independence. This service is most often chosen to assist older adults facing acute, chronic or complex health challenges, those with difficulty managing their home, or those experiencing a crisis that affects their independence and way of life.