Our Process

Our Service Process For the Care Management Program

At Optimal Aging Advisors, we provide an ongoing comprehensive 10 point assessment, which sets us apart from other providers. We then plan, navigate, coordinate, evaluate, monitor and assist with ensuring the appropriate care requirements for the older adult. Optimal Aging Advisors also provide referrals, education, support and coaching for the older adult and their family. We utilize this process to enhance “optimal aging” regardless of one’s circumstances or living arrangements.

Our mission is to promote quality of life, independence and optimal aging for older adults by helping them and their families successfully manage all their senior care needs.


Conduct a Comprehensive Assessment

  • Medical
  • Cognitive/Behavioral
  • Functional
  • Financial
  • Social
  • Safety
  • Spiritual
  • Legal
  • Cultural
  • End of Life

Create an Individualized Care Plan

  • Involve the Client, Family and Other Support Persons
  • Identify Issues and Concerns
  • Set Goals to Achieve Desired Outcomes
  • Identify Actions to Address Issues and Concerns

Implement the Care Plan Actions

  • Perform Specific Tasks Together with, or as an Advocate for the Older Adult
  • Support, Educate, and Coach the Older Adult, Family, and Other Support Persons Involved
  • Screen, Arrange, Navigate and Coordinate Services, Products and/or Providers
  • Monitor and Evaluate Appropriateness and Effectiveness of Services, Products and/or Providers

Evaluate the Care Plan

  • Ongoing Review of the Care Plan for Effectiveness
  • Adjust the Care Plan for Any Modifications and Desired Outcomes

Relocation Services Inter/Intra-State Include the Service Process Above & the Following:

  • Coach and Educate Older Adults and/or Families on Residential Options that will meet Short and Long-Term Care Needs
  • Manage and Facilitate the Expectations of Client, Family and/or Other Support Persons for a Successful Transition
  • Work Alone or Together with Relocation Advisors on Behalf of the Client for a Comprehensive and Complimentary Approach to Relocation

Our Mission to Promote Quality of Life, Independence, and Optimal Aging is Achieved by Implementing the Service Process Above & the Following:

  • Educate, Guide and Coach Families of Older Adults, or Independent Seniors, on Specific Topics Related to Aging to Ensure Quality Care, Wellness and an Independent Lifestyle
  • Provide the Opportunity for the Aging Adult to Engage in Social, Spiritual, Recreational, or Cultural Activities that Ensure Quality of Life and Wellness
  • Facilitate Understanding and Management of Needs Related to Aging and Planning
  • Impart Skills and Confidence to Enhance Optimal Aging and “Peace of Mind”